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Where to Install Your CF Bulbs

Though a CFL bulb may not be an appropriate replacement for an incandescent in every instance, for the majority of places, it is. Although different household rooms have different lighting requirements, here are some locations to think about, room by room, that apply to a majority of homes or apartments.

* Bathroom
* Home Office
* Living/Dining Room
* Kitchen,Bedroom
* Basement/Shop/Laundry Room
* Hall/Entry ,Outdoors
* Enclosed Ceiling Fixtures
* Recessed Fixtures

CFLs use about a quarter of the power of incandescent bulbs

● 7--9watt CFL Equivalent to 40watt incandescent bulb
● 11-15watt CFL Equivalent to 60watt incandescent bulb
● 18-20watt CFL Equivalent to 75watt incandescent bulb
● 23-25watt CFL Equivalent to 100watt incandescent bulb


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