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12V DC CFL bulb, DC fluorescent lamp for Solar Home, battery power system


12V, 24V DC fluorescent lamp use for solar, battery power system

These high quality DC Fluorescent lamps are designed to be used in 12 volt and 24 volt battery systems, solar power systems and other 12V setups. They are energy efficient and produce a great deal of light for the power consumed. CFL lamps provide very high illumination levels with an 80% savings in power consumption over incandescent lamps!


1. Solar power, wind power DC lighting
2. Miner's lamp(safety lamp), telephone booth lamp
3. Boat lighting, mobile machinery, dock illumination
4. Village, mountain, island, camping lighting
5. Rechargeable battery illumination
6. DC generator illumination
7. Solar Home lighting, solar street lighting

solar powered home lighting system

DC lamp lighting system

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