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12V / 24V Low Voltage Lamps, DC CFL Light Bulb
12v dc light bulb 5W
12V DC lamp 7w dc light bulb 7w
12V DC Light bulb 9W


These high quality DC Fluorescent lamps are designed to be used in 12 volt and 24 volt battery systems, solar power systems and other 12V setups. They are energy efficient and produce a great deal of light for the power consumed.

Our 12V DC and 24V DC CFLs are designed with pre-heating circuits which enable stable starting and ensure a long operational life while the polarity protection system prevents incorrect plugging. All the electronic components are of the highest quality and are designed to provide outstanding performance.



• Preheating, high electronic efficiency.Polarity Protection
• Saves up to 80 % of energy compared to an incandescent bulb
• Extremely high number of switching cycles
• Easy to install by E27/Edison Socket or bayonet socket (B22)
• Low temperature and low voltage start
• Extremely high illumination efficiency
• Compact & robust product design

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